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With well over 100 years of collective experience in helping customers realize their dream of land ownership, National Land Partners, LLC (NLP) has finely tuned its model of transforming rural land into premium recreational and residential real estate, coupled with a high level of customer service. Thousands of acres are owned and managed by the company. The company has also completed nearly 1,000 projects encompassing hundreds of thousands of land parcels. The NLP land acquisition team researches and inspects hundreds of potential land deals every year, paying close attention to geographic regions, visual and historic interests, environmental studies, zoning reviews, permitting and most importantly, how the company can pass along savings and value to you, our customer. NLP sees itself primarily as a service company, with a strong conviction to the belief that one should not have to be rich to own land. It's this simple core belief that has resulted in thousands of happy land owners who have also gone on to refer their own friends and family to do business with us.

Our company's financial strength enables us to acquire large tracts of beautiful, highly desirable, undeveloped land, usually next to or near amenities such as golf courses, ocean, lakes, rivers or mountains. These properties are also within a reasonable driving distance of major metropolitan areas. NLP then improves the property's infrastructure with utilities, roads and a variety of amenities. The land is then subdivided into scenic, recreational, ready-to-build homesites, otherwise unavailable to the general public. Our in-house team of sales professionals then assist prospective purchasers in selecting the piece of property ideally suited for their needs. Our customers' needs are the focal point of each project we develop and every decision we make. In everything we do, our goal is to exceed our customer's expectation for quality, value and service.

Affiliate Communities

Our market and proven, successful sales model.

National Land Partners advertises to a well defined and researched market segment - Baby Boomers. These are the people that have worked hard their entire lives to build the American dream for themselves and their families. Our company has helped thousands of this generation attain their piece of the American dream through recreational land ownership. Although national in scope, our marketing reach is primarily from the rust belt to the sun belt.

There are literally tens of millions of Baby Boomers looking for their second homes and recreational properties right now. So forget what you read and hear about the real estate market.

Our market is huge and it is hot! It's filled with successful people looking for more; a ready-to-build, well priced property with incredible value through its location and natural, rural beauty.

We take the hundreds of thousands of leads we get every year and use our established sales model at each step, from pre-acquisition all the way to post purchase follow up. We sell thousands of properties each year, and are looking for experienced, qualified, enthusiastic sales people and managers to join us.

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