Employees' Stories

We take pride in our team of professional Land Consultants.

Steve Brents

I was in the automotive repair business for 30 years prior to joining the Southerland Communities and the NLP team. I had enjoyed a long and successful career in the auto industry, but was looking for a change. When I sold my business in 2006, I started looking for a new career in sales when two of my good friends who were already working for the company, encouraged me to try land sales. I remember driving out to meet David McCumber at Bridlegate Ranch before the project had opened and took a horseback ride to tour the ranch. I was absolutely amazed at the beauty of the property! After that, it didn't take any convincing to sign up.

I went to work in June of 2006. David McCumber and Todd Menger were both willing and very helpful to get me going in my new land sales career. The leadership, training and support I received was tremendous. I listened and applied the training I received, and with hard work and dedication, went on to be a top sales producer in the company for 8 years in a row! I was promoted to sales manager in 2014 and now manage Bridlegate Ranch where it all began for me. I now get to assist my team members achieve their goals and help them to be successful.

I am very thankful to David and Todd for their encouragement and for referring me to this great company. This has truly been the best job of my entire life. Your income will be unlimited if you apply yourself and work hard. Besides that, it's FUN! National Land Partners is a great company with a long history of helping families all over the United States achieve land and home ownership dreams. The joy you see in a customer's face when they find that perfect property is absolutely priceless.

Price Keever

I started working for Davy Roberts at Lone Star Land Partners in January, 2006. Prior to that I was working long hours as a manager for a large retailer. I can remember during the interview process telling Davy that if he would just give me a chance, I would not let him down. I have to mention a funny fact about the first day I started at LSLP. On my first day, I introduced myself as Brad Keever. Quickly my sales manager looked at me and asked if I was willing to lose several thousands of dollars in commission working in this office. Because there was already a Brad Reiter on the team, I had to choose between changing it up or going by my given first name, and risking confusion AND potential commissions. From that sales meeting forward I've gone by my middle name, Price Keever. This business was a total work-style change for me and it took a few months to get the hang of it. I was coached and mentored by some of the best and most experienced people in land business - all of whom have helped pave the way to my success.

During my career with LSLP – a division of National Land Partners, I dedicated myself to doing whatever I was told to ensure my success. I have accomplished many of the goals I set when I started with this company by working hard and maintaining a positive attitude. Since I started my land career at NLP, I have been a top performer in sales, which helped usher me into the sales manager position. After my first full year as a sales manager, I was recognized as the sales manager of the year for my outstanding accomplishments during that period. I was able to achieve that award because of the hard work and dedication of the sales team behind me. I am a firm believer in teamwork and have seen firsthand, that some of the best teams in this business can eclipse the loftiest of sales goals.

I will be the first person to tell you that you get out of this business what you put into it, those who work the hardest, reach the highest goals. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to many more years of hard work and success in the best business in the world.